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World Environment Day 2019

China will be hosting World Environmental Day hand in hand with UN Environment this year. This annual event that happens every June 5th highlights different countries and tries to tackle one major problem that is threatening our humankind throughout the globe each year. This year World Environment Day is focusing on air pollution.

You may think, what does air pollution have to do with water conservation and scarcity? 

Cirrus Shower on Mon Invention Vaut de L'or 2019 (My Invention is Worth Gold)

Pierre Regnault – CEO and Founder of Cirrus Shower, will be competing against many other contestants within the famous French TV show Mon invention vaut de l’or (My invention is worth gold) shown on M6 - one of the largest TV channels in France, and showing off the prowess of Cirrus Shower and what it can do.

Making Your Shower a Daily Ritual

From the moment we wake up, until the time we obtain some shut-eye, we are constantly in motion. One of the things that we normally rush through during the day, despite its importance, is our time in the bath and shower. We should take more time every day to enjoy it a bit more and create a daily ritual for ourselves in the shower.

How aromatherapy can benefit you?

Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils have been in use for around 6,000 years. It is an alternative form of therapy using holistic healing treatments to help with many different problems occurring from the human body. 

Earth Day 2019

Earth Day celebrates its 49th year this year on the 22nd of April, in raising awareness for environmental conservation and to create a healthy, sustainable environment. You can start saving the earth starting with water conservation.

The Healing Power of Water

Since the early days of human civilization, water has been a core part of not only our lives, but the universe itself. Yet given that it is such an important component of our daily lives, how well do we understand it and water's relation to us?

How To Save Water Every Day?

This month, we celebrate World Water Day and the power of water on March 22nd. Learn more about how to save water every day and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.

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