Making Your Shower a Daily Ritual

We should take more time every day to enjoy it a bit more and create a daily ritual for ourselves in the shower.

Everyone should make their shower a daily ritual

We get it. It is not easy to carve out time during your day.

From the moment we wake up, until the time we obtain some shut-eye, we are constantly in motion. Taking the kids to school, rushing to work, getting that urgent report done, picking up the kids, making dinner, TV time… All this constant activity is making every single one of us exhausted by the time we get to bed. It is hard to really take the time to sit down and smell the flowers, take time for yourself and have some me time.

One of the things that we normally rush through during the day, despite its importance, is our time in the bath and shower. We should take more time every day to enjoy it a bit more and create a daily ritual for ourselves in the shower.

But why…?

Most people think that taking time to bath and shower is not the best use of our time, with all the things going on, it seems that finding time to relax a little bit every day is becoming a chore.

Yet we need to take time off. And being in the shower or bath might be the only quality me-time you will get with such a jam-packed schedule on your hands. Having time to slow-down to gather our thoughts is crucial to staying on your A-game day in and day out. Without proper rest and time to reflect, it is hard to keep up the momentum that daily life forces upon you.

Imagine a rubber band being stretched. At first, it will still have the resilience to bounce back to its normal state. By being stretched to its maximum day in and day out, the rubber band will eventually wear out or snap. By taking time off for a bit every day, we can avoid that happening to ourselves.

shower ritual

So how do I create this so-called ritual?

1) Reserve time for it

First and foremost, take 20-30 minutes off of your daily schedule and dedicate this to your bath or shower.

No matter if it is in the morning or evening, find a time that you can walk away from all distractions and stick to that timing every day. The key is to create a habit of rest every day, be it physically or mentally, we all need some personal time to wind down. This is your time and your time alone.

2) Put down your phone

With an abundance of information, contacts and social media bombarding us every single day, most people have stuck to the habit of sleeping with their phones or even going to the bathroom with them. We even see dedicated shower curtains and shower heads that keep you connected to your device. Being connected is not only becoming a habit, but it is also an addiction.

Put down your phone. Turn down the volume and leave it someplace else. Don’t bring it into the bathroom with you. Your phone has no business being in a hot and humid place (I don’t care if your phone is water-proof). The world will not end if you leave your phone unattended for 20 minutes and you will have the world to thank for it.

Something as simple as allowing yourself to have the mental space to think freely without distractions has become a luxury in our daily lives.

3) Put on some music (and sing while you’re at it too!)

Since it's your time in the shower, why not put on some music so you can enjoy it while you’re at it? Studies show that singing can help reduce stress and cortisol levels while improving your immunity system. Not only can it help you relax, but it also helps you fight off diseases at the same time. You will have a boost in your mood and well-being and lead to better breathing as well!

4) Take time to scrub yourself clean

Thinking back on all the showers you have taken, have you really noticed where you’ve scrubbed? Remember that showers and baths are a time to slow down and take care of the things that really matter. So take some time and give your skin and body some love and remember to lather yourself in enough soap and scrub yourself clean. Don’t forget areas like your elbows or knees that should always need some extra loving.

5) Breathe in deeply and forget about your worries

While in your shower, if you find that your thoughts are wandering and you’re starting to worry about work or what you are going to cook for dinner tonight. STOP!

Take a deep breath and breathe in and out for 30 seconds, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. While you do that, close your eyes and think of a place that you would most want to be. Be it the beach, by the lake or a huge grassy pane, imagine yourself in that place for the duration of these 30 seconds.

This can help calm you down and hopefully, quiet your mind and lower your stress levels.

6) Invest in some high-quality towels or bathrobes

What could feel more comfortable than wrapping yourself in clean soft towels or a nice fluffy bathrobe after your shower? Your shower itself is a ritual, but it doesn’t mean that getting out of the shower has to be the end of it. Invest a little money in some good high-quality towels and bathrobes to complete your shower ritual because you deserve it.

shower ritual

Pamper yourself

So no matter how busy you are at the end of each day, you should always come first. This means taking time off each day and jumping in the shower to get some private time off from the world, and just minding your own well-being while you’re at it. Remember not to rush your showers and give yourself with as much me-time as possible to help rejuvenate yourself through the healing power of a hot shower.


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