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  • The Cirrus Set
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The Cirrus Set

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$179.00 USD Get Cirrus Set for $1 USD with our subscription plans
  • Up to 75% water & energy savings
  • Enjoy filtered water for healthier skin & hair
  • Experience aromatherapy capsules in your shower
  • Universal & easy to install

      The Cirrus Set is composed of:

      The Shower Head, the world's most water-saving shower head

      The Cirrus Spa, engineered to purify your tap water and infuse Aromatherapy in your shower

      What's included
      The Cirrus Universal Shower System contains:
      • 1x Water-Saving Shower Head
      • 1x Magnetic Universal Wall Mount
      • 1x Water Purifier & Aromatherapy Infuser
      • 1x Filter
      • 1x Adapter for wall water outlet
      • The shower hose is not included and can be purchased here The aromatherapy capsules are not included and can be purchased here
      Technical specs

      Universal dimensions, compatible with any existing shower hose or mixer. Quick & easy installation without tools.

      Shower Head:
      • Length: 12.2" / 310mm
      • Width: 5" / 128mm
      • Depth: 2.3" / 57mm
      • Input connection: G1/2 (universal)
      • Material: ABS, chrome plating (for Chrome version)
      Cirrus Spa:
      • Length: 6" / 152mm
      • Width: 4.3" / 110mm
      • Depth: 2.2" / 55mm
      • Input/output connection: G1/2 (universal)
      • Material: ABS, PP, brass, chrome plating (for Chrome version)
      Magnetic Wall Mount:
      • Length: 6" / 151mm
      • Width: 5.6" / 142mm
      • Depth: 2.8" / 72mm
      • Material: ABS, chrome plating (for Chrome version)
      Your Cirrus at $1 with our subscription plans

      Saves water

      Purifies water

      Easy installation

      Open PDF Manual

      Feel good when you shower while preserving the world's most precious natural resource.

      A revolution in the way you shower

      Day in, day out, your shower never changes. It gets the job done, and you’ve never given it a second thought.

      But what if it could evolve? What if your shower became an elevated experience that cleansed you faster, more efficiently and with cleaner water?

      Shower in clouds

      Cirrus envelops your entire body in a cocoon of warmth.

      With a deluge of atomized water increasing surface area coverage 10-fold, every inch of your hair and skin is cleansed faster and more efficiently – while using drastically less water than a standard showerhead.

      Feel good when you shower while preserving the world's most precious natural resource.
      Feel good when you shower while preserving the world's most precious natural resource.

      Don’t stop there – it also uses 75% less water.

      This is Cirrus, an innovative new shower system that introduces water-atomizing CloudMaker technology to bring you luxurious sensations, water savings, 13x more thermal efficiency and 10x more surface area coverage.

      This can give potential yearly savings of up to $817.

      Cleaner water, cleaner you

      The ultimate shower experience wouldn’t be complete without pure, filtered water. Since Cirrus is all about revolutionizing the way you shower, it was obvious that we needed a new, innovative filtration system.

      The Cirrus water-purifying NanoFilters contain 3 layers of mineralized stones that balance pH levels, filter water impurities, dirt and bacteria and give a natural spring water effect for softer, cleaner and more hydrated skin.

      Feel good when you shower while preserving the world's most precious natural resource.
      Feel good when you shower while preserving the world's most precious natural resource.

      Your shower now with aromatherpay

      Essential oils gleaned from various plants have been used for thousands of years in cultures around the world to relieve everything from headache to depression. Now, you can bring the curative properties of aromatherapy into your shower.

      It’s like having a spa in your own home. Not only does the Cirrus core contain water-purifying NanoFilters – it can also house one of our curated essential oil blends to invigorate your mind and body.

      Functional modern decór

      Cirrus will revolutionize the way you shower – and look good doing it, too. Beautiful French design combines functionality with sleek, modern curves that illicit a futuristic feeling.

      The crisp white bottom and shining chrome top made of quality polycarbonate will add a high-concept aesthetic to any bathroom.

      Feel good when you shower while preserving the world's most precious natural resource.

      Easy to install

      The Cirrus Set can be installed by hand in any bathroom and fits all types of shower mixers & shower hoses.

      30 seconds, no tools, no plumber.

      Open PDF Manual

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      Frequently asked questions

      How is Cirrus able to save 75% water and energy?

      The CloudMaker® nozzles developed by our engineers use water-atomizing technology to increase efficiency and reduce water consumption by up to 75% (by switching your Cirrus shower to the Cloud Mode).

      Saving water also means saving the energy used to heat that water, which in most countries costs much more than water.

      With a Cirrus shower you save water, energy, money - and the environment.

      How does Cirrus filter regular tap water?

      As water passes through the Cirrus Water Purifier and Aromatherapy Infuser, it flows into the removable filter. This special filter contains 3 layers of purifying mineral agents.

      The natural minerals filter the water by retaining any impurities that pass through them.

      Your water comes out softer, cleaner, and healthier for the enrichment of your skin and hair.

      Is Cirrus Shower System compatible with my existing shower?

      Cirrus Shower System can be installed in any bathroom. All the elements have universal and standard dimensions. Please refer to the above question for the precise dimensions.

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