Cirrus Shower on Mon Invention Vaut de L'or 2019 (My Invention Is Worth Gold)

Pierre Regnault – CEO and Founder of Cirrus Shower, will be competing against many other contestants within the famous French TV show Mon invention vaut de l’or (My invention is worth gold) shown on M6 - one of the largest TV channels in France, and showing off the prowess of Cirrus Shower and what it can do.

This prime-time TV show goes around different fairs and specialized shops around France in search for the next big thing that will be coming to the market by sifting through the various inventions by people from all walks of life. The show, led by specialist journalist Jerome Bonaldi, and market expert Erika Delattre, plus a special guest for each episode (Sophie Ferjani will be the guest judge for Cirrus Shower), will judge and find the next invention that will revolutionize the daily lives of French people in the coming years.

Thousands of applications were received for the show, and only 10% of them were chosen to take part in the TV show. Successful inventors that go through the first round will move up to the semi-finals at the Paris Fair, Concours Lépine, that is associated with the show itself, and finally to Bordeaux at the headquarters of Cdiscount, one of the largest eCommerce websites in France to see if they get a shot at having the company pick and sell their products on their site.

Cirrus Shower will be first presented on the show on the 31st May at 6:40pm, so stay tuned to see it in action!