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Feel good when you shower while preserving the world's most precious natural resource.


Discover the power of the Cloudmaker Nozzles which use water-atomizing technology to increase pressure and reduce water consumption by up to 75%.

Feel good when you shower while preserving the world's most precious natural resource.


Install it in seconds and experience the shower revolution.

Feel good when you shower while preserving the world's most precious natural resource.


The Cirrus Spa is a universal shower device which purifies your tap water and infuses aromatherapy capsules in your shower.

100% Made In France with organic essential oils, our aromatherapy capsules will turn your shower into a spa.

The Cirrus Set

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The Cirrus Set
  • Up to 75% water & energy savings
  • Enjoy filtered water for healthier skin & hair
  • Experience aromatherapy capsules in your shower
  • Universal & easy to install

      The Cirrus Set is composed of:

      The Shower Head, the world's most water-saving shower head

      The Cirrus Spa, engineered to purify your tap water and infuse Aromatherapy in your shower

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      What our clients say about us

      Gary C. (backer from Kickstarter)

      My favourite shower experience ever

      We received our shower in December, and it is wonderful. Definitely worth the wait. I also convinced my Father to order one this week. Thanks again for a fantastic product - having stayed at many hotels around the world, and also having lived in many homes over the years, I can confidently say this is my favourite shower experience ever :)

      Mickele Francisco

      There is not much to hate about the Cirrus shower and a lot to like

      I was bit skeptical, but still I liked the design and idea, so I invested in the Kickstarter campaign. I also was a bit afraid of the customer service, but it turned out to be as good as the product itself. After receiving the pack, I installed it (and it is as easy as advertised) and starting using it. In my honest humble opinion, there is not much to hate about the Cirrus shower and a lot to like. Well designed. The aromatherapy is a very nice addition and you can smell the lovely aromas when you shower. I am sure that you also can find your happiness in the one of the three different modes. I personally like the "Economy" and Mist. Now as for the generated economy, I have not mathematically made the test, for neither the wasted water volume nor the saved energy but I noticed, as opposed to advertised, the rain mode is the one that keeps the water temperature the highest. Just a small detail that have no effect on the usability or the enjoyment of the product. I sincerely recommend this product and the experience it procures.


      Amazing experience

      I wish I brought two of these.... I just had the most amazing shower experience ever. If this thing ever go on sale I’ll definitely buy another unit!

      Liz & Fred

      Different than I expected, but we really like it

      Don't expect a fog because it is not that! The cloud mode makes you think that you are getting LOTS of water, but it actually is not as much as you think. Very ingenious design and a really satisfying shower with lots of pressure. Sleek looking. The wall-mount appears to not tilt the showerhead, but just rotate it -- it really does tilt and makes for a much more comfortable shower. We are very pleased!

      Klaas C.

      A family success

      Only a few minutes after receiving the package I installed the shower without any problems and a few minutes later I enjoyed my first Cirrus Shower. It was a very special experience and definitely different from what I am used to. The family lined up after me, eager to test the shower and the results are positive. I've never seen my 12 year old so eager to take a shower. Have not tried aroma pods yet but will do so soon.


      Better pressure + aromatherapy

      I got mine about a week ago, I have to say I'm really happy so far. The major pluses in my opinion: + the pressure: I live on the 23rd floor so water pressure is not great, but the Cirrus shower makes me feel more pressure which not only feels nicer but also allows me to rince shampoo and soap faster. Especially with the cloud mode (water saving mode). + the aromatherapy: I love scents and essential oils and I even make my own scented candles. I used to put a few drops of essential oils in my bath to relax after a long day, but I don't have the time to take baths every day. The fact that I can add a Cirrus aromatherapy capsule in my shower and get the same benefits every day in my shower is amazing. The "refreshing" and "comfort" are my favorite scents. Looking forward to some new scents!


      Deeply relaxing

      Relax capsule is my second favourite with Comfort. Lavender and Bergamot are 2 of my preferred essential oils, I love their smell and their relaxing effect!


      Above expectations

      I purchased the cirrus set plus aromatherapy capsules. The packaging is great so it was a good start as you can feel that this company cares about the customer experience. The installation was smooth no issue to highlight it took me less than 5 min to get the set installed. I have been using the set for a bit more than a month and i am definitely convinced that it is a great product. The shower experience is just amazing. I love the filter as i can feel that my skin is less dry and red than before. The aromatherapy capsule is easy to plug and the sent very delicate. A must have !



      Just received the entire Cirrus Shower system a few days ago and it is simply amazing! In Southern California, the water is very hard and can irritate the skin. However, after using this for a few days, the irritation has practically disappeared! Overall it was super simple to install and well worth the wait!

      Norah Wang

      Filters the water to protect my skin

      I’ve been using Cirrus Shower for a few weeks now. In the beginning, I was attracted by its environmentally friendly technology for shower and how well it filters the water to protect my skin. The surprises never stop with this shower. :-) The fragrance that comes with those magic aromatherapeutic capsules fills up my shower room, putting me in a good mood. And I could choose the kind of fragrance that fits my mood at the time. Yep, I love it. Haha, I can keep talking about it for another half a hour...


      Hot water lasts for longer

      Been using it for a week, can't tell how much money I'm saving with it yet but I can already tell that my hot water tank lasts me for much longer than with my regular shower... And to be honest I though the experience would not be so great, like sacrificing water pressure to save water, but it's actually quite the opposite: i feel more pressure and my soap is rinsed faster. Design is cool too. Oh and I was surprised by the size, it is bigger than it looks on pictures.


      very nice shower head

      I'm not an expert in shower heads, but I do know that I like this one. The 'cloud' mode is very refreshing and certainly saves plenty of water compared to our old shower head. It's a lot like the spray you get from standing near a waterfall; you get a very thorough soaking and it's very good at removing soap suds etc. Because it uses less water; I do find it takes a bit longer to heat up as the water isn't coming through the pipe as quickly (we have a combi boiler). Now I've adjusted to that extra 30 seconds wait before stepping under it; I'm enjoying it very much. Installation took just a few minutes as I reused the hose and mount from my existing set up. The pod I've tested produced a nice smell for about 10 minutes of showering in cloud mode. I don't think I'm going to use many but my wife likes the idea for an occasional treat. All in, very happy.

      Ian Smith

      All good so far

      I got the shower head only, as I live in a soft water area in Scotland. It was easy to install and looks really nice. I put the head on the existing holder, as I want height adjustment for the kids. It is noticeably heavier and sometimes droops. If the head is too high, the water cools down quite a bit. The three options for spray are great, and with the electric pump behind it works really well. I can see I use much less water (proably about half) than with the old head, but I still get a good soaking and don't need to stay in longer. The feeling is quite gentle and pleasant. The three of us use a different setting each. For me the saving is in heating, as Scotland has no shortage of water. This should be significant, but I'd like to know how much. Electricity is (converting to US) $0.20/kWh and natural gas $0.07/kWh. Well done to the start-up team. A very professional product. (I'm an engineer, so I know this is a good achievement.)

      Anwar Ali Sarhan

      I loved it

      I like product that kind to the environment but in many cases there is a compromise. When I installed it (2 minutes process) I had little expectations, but wow amazing feeling and really better than the normal shower head indeed.

      John Hampton

      5/5 stars

      Just installed our Cirrus shower head and already we have seen a difference in water usage. Out hot water usually only lasted around 15 min and yet with the new shower head it lasts over 30 mins. (Not sure yet on the exact timing cause we haven’t gone through all the hot water with this head yet) The cloud feature is really relaxing while still enough to wash off soap or shampoo. The three featured modes are also nice as my wife likes the rain mode and the third mode works nice in wand mode with the additional hose to massage stiff muscles. The aroma therapy pods provide a very subtle sent but still noticeable. All in all I would give this shower head 5/5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 And a very large recommendation. I already have sent the rest of my family the web address to buy one for themselves.

      Nick O'Roonling

      Uses considerably less water than my previous one

      It's a fantastic rain/mist shower, and it uses considerably less water than my previous one. I need only turn the tap/faucet on by a small amount and it results in a great shower experience.

      Andrew (backer from Kickstarter)

      Kudos to the engineers

      Excellent product. It installs easily and makes a great shower. Kudos to the engineers for the push-button shower changer. Those concerned about heat loss should note that while more heat is being released into the air and considerably less heat going down the drain. It makes for a warmer bathroom, which is better than warming the sewers. Critics of the quality should note that heavier flex-pipe and head is not necessarily more robust. Time will tell if the product is durable. I am a bit reluctant but okay so far.


      Very nice

      Easy install. It works quite well in the cloud, water saving mode, where my old one never really had enough pressure. I use it instead of the overhead rainfall one to save water.

      Maarten H. (Backer from Kickstarter)

      it is amazing

      We installed the showerhead directly - super easy - and I think it is amazing. And even better, my girlfriend - who said she was going to hate it, because she was not going to be able to rinse her hair - loves it! So the biggest criticaster in the building supports this change :).

      Christophe Letelier

      Thanks you Cirrus, you made my mum Happy

      I offered Cirrus to my Mum for Xmas. she was at first sceptical. Why would she change a shower head she asked me. But when I told her it saves 75% water, I got her ear ahahaha. she received it yesterday, installed it by herself in less than 2min and she already love her new shower head. Thanks you Cirrus, you made my mum Happy 😄

      Nick O'Roonling

      Uses considerably less water than my previous one

      It's a fantastic rain/mist shower, and it uses considerably less water than my previous one. I need only turn the tap/faucet on by a small amount and it results in a great shower experience. They have fantastic customer service too, I've needed to get in touch twice (nothing major for either) and their tab have been helpful and speedy in resolving my issues. I wasn't a fan of the aromatherapy plugins, as I found them too strong, but that could just be down to me, not the capsules themselves.

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      Frequently asked questions

      How is Cirrus able to save 75% water and energy?

      The CloudMaker® nozzles developed by our engineers use water-atomizing technology to increase efficiency and reduce water consumption by up to 75% (by switching your Cirrus shower to the Cloud Mode).

      Saving water also means saving the energy used to heat that water, which in most countries costs much more than water.

      With a Cirrus shower you save water, energy, money - and the environment.

      How does Cirrus filter regular tap water?

      As water passes through the Cirrus Water Purifier and Aromatherapy Infuser, it flows into the removable filter. This special filter contains 3 layers of purifying mineral agents.

      The natural minerals filter the water by retaining any impurities that pass through them.

      Your water comes out softer, cleaner, and healthier for the enrichment of your skin and hair.

      Is Cirrus Shower System compatible with my existing shower?

      Cirrus Shower System can be installed in any bathroom. All the elements have universal and standard dimensions. Please refer to the above question for the precise dimensions.

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