Save water, energy, money and the environment

Help preserve our most precious natural resource while not having to feel guilty about taking luxuriously long showers.

75% water & energy savings

Our patented CloudMaker® nozzles use water-atomizing technology to increase water efficiency and reduce water consumption by 75%. Less energy will be needed to heat the water, so both your wallet and the environment benefit.

Relaxation like never before

Millions of water droplets envelop your body in a unique cloud-like experience. The Cirrus shower head comes with 3 different water modes that are bound to meet your different needs and desires: water-saving Cloud mode with 75% water savings, the gentle Mist mode with 45% water savings, or the soft and delicate Rain mode.

Water as it should be

Tap water contain contain chlorine and heavy metals that wreak havoc with our skin's natural balance, including the breakdown of collagen, skin irritations, fine lines and blemishes. To tackle this, we have created the Cirrus Spa device that filters your water, helping you to bring back glow to your skin.

Water passes through the spa device during each shower and flows into the spa filter. This special filter contains 3 layers of natural purifying minerals that help filter your water by retaining any impurities that pass through them. You water comes out softer, cleaner and healthier for both your skin and hair.

Aromatherapy in your shower

The Cirrus Spa device is specially designed to include our expertly tailored French aromatherapy pods that infuse your shower with natural essentail oil goodness. One pod lasts for one whole shower, giving your time to bask in therapeautic scents that help improve mood and enrich both your skin and hair.

Combined with bath salts, the essential oils within the pod slowly dissolve into each water droplet in your filtered bath water. As the essential oil-infused shower water is dispersed, you will be wrapped around with a cloud of therapeutic aromatherapy bliss.

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