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The Shower Head

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Cirrus is the world's most water-saving shower head.

  • Up to 75% water & energy savings
  • Universal & easy to install
  • Water atomisation technology
What's included
The Cirrus Water-Saving Shower Head contains:
  • 1x Water-Saving Shower Head
  • 1x Magnetic Universal Wall Mount
  • 1x Adapter for wall water outlet
Technical specs

Universal dimensions, compatible with any existing shower hose or mixer. Quick & easy installation without tools.

Shower Head:
  • Length: 12.2" / 310mm
  • Width: 5" / 128mm
  • Depth: 2.3" / 57mm
  • Input connection: G1/2
  • Material: ABS, chrome plating (for Chrome version)
Magnetic Wall Mount:
  • Length: 6" / 151mm
  • Width: 5.6" / 142mm
  • Depth: 2.8" / 72mm
  • Material: ABS, chrome plating (for Chrome version)
  • Input/output connection: G1/2 (universal)
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Saves water

3 shower modes

Easy installation

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The Cirrus CloudMaker® nozzles use water-atomizing technology to increase water pressure.

The result? Every single drop covers 10x more surface area with 13x higher thermal efficiency - you feel enveloped in a warm cloud.

And that foamy shampoo and soap? Rinsed away in seconds.

Click below to see the 3 water modes


75% water savings = 300,000 glasses of water per year for the average household.

On top of the positive environmental impact, the Cirrus Shower Head helps the average household to save USD $817/year in water & electricity bills.

Feel good when you shower while preserving the world's most precious natural resource.


The Cirrus Shower Head can be installed by hand in any bathroom and fits all types of shower mixers & shower hoses.

30 seconds, no tools, no plumber.

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Frequently asked questions

I have long hair, will it be more difficult to rinse it?

Quite the opposite. With the Cirrus CloudMaker® technology, a million droplets are dispersed from the water-atomizing shower head, enveloping your body with an experience that is uniquely cloud-like.

Every single drop is optimized to cover 10x more surface area with a higher water pressure, rinsing away that foamy shampoo and soap in seconds.

Is Cirrus Shower Head compatible with my existing shower?

Cirrus Shower System can be installed in any bathroom. All the elements have universal and standard dimensions.

How to clean my Cirrus shower head?

A large proportion of limescale and other impurities is already removed by the Cirrus filter. On top of this, the increased water pressure created by Cirrus' water atomization technology prevents limescale buildup in the nozzles.

If ever you still had to clean your Cirrus shower head, you can simply use white vinegar, just like with a regular shower head.

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