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The one-of-a-kind Aromatic Spa Shower that saves water, energy & money

The Cirrus Shower Set
Pamper yourself and the world with the ultra-economic 3-in-1 shower set!

The Biggest Savings Of Any Shower Set

Purified Water For True Cleanliness

Aromatherapy + Spa In Your Own Home

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72H Delivery
1 Year Warranty
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The Cirrus Technology

Experience a spa like experience with aromatherapy scents in your shower with filtered water for healthier and cleaner skin and hair.

Shower and save 75% more water

Envelop your entire body in a cocoon of mist. The atomized water increases surface rea coverage by 10-fold, cleansing every inch of your hair and skin more efficiently - while using drastically less water than a standard showerhead.

Relaxation like never before

Millions of water droplets envelop your body in a unique cloud-like experience. The Cirrus showerhead comes with 3 different water modes that are bound to meet your different needs and desires: water-saving Cloud mode with 75% water savings, the gentle Mist mode with 45% water savings, or the soft and delicate Rain mode.

Filtered water, cleaner skin

The Cirrus water-purifying NanoFilters contain 3 layers of mineralized stones that balance pH levels, filter water impurities, dirt and bacteria and give a natural spring water effect for softer, cleaner and more hydrated skin.

Shower with aromatherapy

Natural essential oils have been used for thousands of years in different cultures around the world to help relieve aliments from headaches to depression. Now you can finally combine the benefits and curative properties of aromatherapy into your shower.

Easy to install

The Cirrus Set can be installed easily by hand in any bathroom. It fits all types of shower mixers and shower hoses. All it takes is 30 seconds with no tools and no plumber.


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72H Delivery
1 Year Warranty
French Company
Customer Service 5/5
How is Cirrus able to save 75% water and energy?

The CloudMaker® nozzles developed by our engineers use water-atomizing technology to increase efficiency and reduce water consumption by up to 75% (by switching your Cirrus shower to the Cloud Mode).

Saving water also means saving the energy used to heat that water, which in most countries costs much more than water.

With a Cirrus shower you save water, energy, money - and the environment.


I have long hair, will it be more difficult to rinse it?

Quite the opposite. With the Cirrus CloudMaker® technology, a million droplets are dispersed from the water-atomizing shower head, enveloping your body with an experience that is uniquely cloud-like.

Every single drop is optimized to cover 10x more surface area with a higher water pressure, rinsing away that foamy shampoo and soap in seconds.

How do I use the Cirrus aromatherapy pods?

User-friendly, our aromatherapy pods are very easy to use with the Cirrus Aromatherapy Infuser. It only takes seconds to insert the pod in the shower device and enjoy your therapeutic shower.

1. Open the lid of your Cirrus Aromatherapy Infuser.
2. Insert the pod in the center.
3. Close the lid and enjoy a spa-like shower infused with natural essential oils.

Cirrus Aromatherapy Pods: How to install
Is Cirrus Set compatible with my existing shower?

The Cirrus Set can be installed in any bathroom. All the elements have universal and standard dimensions. Please refer to the above question for the precise dimensions.

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$149.00 USD$208.00 USD

The one-of-a-kind Aromatic Spa Shower that saves water, energy & money

The Cirrus Set contains:

1 × Water-Saving Shower Head
1 × Cirrus Spa
1 × Filter

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