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Water Purifier & Aromatherapy Infuser

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Purified water: get cleaner and softer water with three layers of filtering mineral beads. Healthier skin and hair for the whole family. One Filter is included with the system and should be changed every 2-3 months.

Aromatherapy in your shower: Patented technology infusing essential oils in your shower. Enjoy 100% natural essential oils infused in your shower with Cirrus Aromatherapy Pods (not included). 

Universal & easy to install: compatible with any bathroom, no additional tools required. Fits all types of shower mixers and hoses (Cirrus Antibacterial Shower Hose can be purchased here).

The Cirrus Water Purifier & Aromatherapy Infuser contains:

  • 1x Water Purifier & Aromatherapy Infuser
  • 1x Filter (additional Filters can be purchased here)