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Save money while saving the environment

The CloudMaker® nozzles use water-atomizing technology to reduce water consumption by up to 75%. Using less water means using less energy to heat this water. Not only the reduction of environmental impact on water reserves is massive, but Cirrus shower also pays for itself in less than 2 years.

Feel good about this luxurious and unique shower while you help us preserve our most precious natural resource.

With a Cirrus shower you save water, energy, money - and the environment.

Easy to install

Cirrus Shower System is universal and can be installed in any bathroom.

All fittings have standard dimensions to fits all types of shower mixers and hoses.

A spa at home

Enjoy a luxurious aromatic escape in your shower.

Our six aromatherapy scents will take you through a wonderful journey where all your senses awaken. Discover our Aromatherapy Shower Pods.

These natural essential oils are colorless, non-greasy and soap-free, meaning they won’t color your water or perfume your body.