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The Cirrus Set Plan

The Cirrus Set Plan

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  • Up to 75% water & energy savings
  • Enjoy filtered water for healthier skin & hair
  • Experience aromatherapy capsules in your shower
  • Universal & easy to install

      The Cirrus Set contains:

      The Shower Head, the world's most water-saving shower head.

      The Cirrus Spa, engineered to purify your tap water and infuse Cirrus Aromatherapy Capsules.

      Due to extremely high demand, The Cirrus Set Plan is out of stock. Pre-order for January delivery.
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      Shower and save 75% more water

      Envelop your entire body in a cocoon of mist. The atomized water increases surface rea coverage by 10-fold, cleansing every inch of your hair and skin more efficiently - while using drastically less water than a standard showerhead.

      Filtered water, cleaner skin

      The Cirrus water-purifying NanoFilters contain 3 layers of mineralized stones that balance pH levels, filter water impurities, dirt and bacteria and give a natural spring water effect for softer, cleaner and more hydrated skin.

      Shower with aromatherapy

      Natural essential oils have been used for thousands of years in different cultures around the world to help relieve aliments from headaches to depression. Now you can finally combine the benefits and curative properties of aromatherapy into your shower.

      Easy to install

      The Cirrus Set can be installed easily by hand in any bathroom. It fits all types of shower mixers and shower hoses. All it takes is 30 seconds with no tools and no plumber.


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