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Discovery Pack

Discovery Pack

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Go on a journey of the senses with all 6 different aromatherapy scents. Discover what makes each aromatherapy scent unique and find your favorite one in this Discovery Pack.

Due to extremely high demand, Discovery Pack is out of stock. Pre-order for January delivery.
Features & details

The pack contains a total of 6 capsules of all our aromatherapy shower scents. Each shower capsule is filled with natural essential oils for a true spa experience.

100% recyclable.


100% natural fragrance with organic ingredients, made with essential oils

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A spa at home

Enjoy a luxurious aromatic escape in your shower, taking you through a peaceful journey where your body and mind are immersed in soothing scents for deep relaxation.


These natural essential oils are colorless, non-greasy and soap-free, meaning they won’t color your water or perfume your body.


It only takes seconds to insert the pod into the heart of your Cirrus Spa device to start enjoying your relaxing, therapeutic shower. One pod lasts for one shower, giving you time to melt into the therapeutic scents of essential oils.

Patented in-flow infusion

With the patented in-flow infusion, tap water flows through the device into the aromatherapy pod. Essential oils combined with mineral salts dissolve slowly within the water. You will slowly be enveloped in a cloud of essential oil-infused water and feel the therapeutic magic of your shower.

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