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3 water modes

Use the Cloud water mode for 75% water & energy savings and a cloud-like shower experience.

The CloudMaker® nozzles use water-atomizing technology to increase efficiency and reduce water consumption, and the gas/electricity needed to heat the water.

Save money while saving the environment

Feel good about this luxurious and unique shower while you help us preserve our most precious natural resource.

Not only the reduction of environmental impact on water reserves is massive, but Cirrus shower also pays for itself in less than 2 years.

With a Cirrus shower you save water, energy, money - and the environment.

More coverage, less waste, no compromises

A million droplets are dispersed from the water-atomizing shower head, enveloping your body with an experience that is uniquely cloud-like. Every single drop is optimized to cover 10x more surface area with 13x more thermal efficiency than a standard shower.

And that foamy shampoo and soap? Rinsed away in seconds.